10th Annual Effingham Artisan Fair will be held on May 9, 2015

The Effingham Artisan Fair turns Downtown Effingham into an art gallery for residents and visitors to enjoy on from 10 am to 4 pm Saturday, May 9, 2015 as the arts are celebrated. Work from over 40 artists from across the region will be on display for purchase, including oil paintings, pottery, jewelry and sculptures.

The Artisan Fair Committee is ramping up their efforts to bring you the best Artisan Fair this year.  Since this is our 10th Anniversary - we are going to have a few special things going on:

Momentum 5K Family Run and Walk at 8:00am Sat May 9, 2015.  Flyer to signup

Blessings in a Backpack - Can-Do-Art - Come vote for your favorite art designed with food.  All proceeds and food will go to the children in our community to have food for weekends.

DEMONSTRATIONS:  We will be bringing Bryan Headley- a blacksmith and musician to the fair to demonstrate his blacksmithing and singing. The community will gain a great knowledge from Bryan and hope to have you join him at the following time:   11:00am - 1:00pm - 2:30pm.   Info on Bryan Headley

He will also be kicking off the start of the fair at 10:00am with a dedication to the veterns - please join us at the gazebo at 10:00am.  Bring your lawn chairs to sit and listen to him.

 Many of the Artisans will be demonstrating throughout the day also  Please come to their booth at the designated time to understand from the Artisan what it take to produce their art::

10:30am - Lori Huddleston, Jewelry Booth #2

11:00am - Lana Fuller, Jewelry Making Booth #25

11:30am - Becky Bechtel, Baskets, Booth #34

1:00pm - Brad Shamhart, Rock Jewelry, Booth #21

1:30pm - Lori Huddleston, Jewelry Booth #2

2:00pm - Lana Fuller, Jewelry Making Booth #25

2:30pm - Becky Bechtel, Baskets, Booth #34

ONGOING DEMONSTRATION will be held by the following Artisans: - Jerry Rhoads, Woodturning, Booth 31--------Joan Cahill, Beaded Jewelry, Booth #40-----Robin Willey, Pottery,  Booth #38------Kathy Schallert, Jewelry Making, Booth #7

Check out our SCHEDULE on this website for ALL the activities that wil be going on on Friday May 8 and Saturday May 9.





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